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The new VisionPoints site is built on the “Optimize” theme from the absolutely fabulous folks at WooThemes. …continue reading Colophon

The Hardest Thing for Caring Business Owners to Accept…

There is never enough time for everything you want to do.

Here’s to your best year ever,

Kelly Erickson and VisionPoints

Welcome and Welcome Back!

To the new, improved VisionPoints website. Please excuse our dust! It’s been in the works for months and it’s finally here—a site that’s more focused on the Experience Design needs of your small business than ever before. …continue reading Welcome and Welcome Back!

6 weeks to sales growth

Are your customers saying, “I’m telling everyone I know about you”? Are they saying anything at all?

We’ve got the solutions to help you drive repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

At VisionPoints, our job is to put you in a position to radically improve your Customer Experience—in as little as 2–6 weeks. How long have you been propping one element of your business up at the expense of others, going at business development by the seat of your pants? If the answer is, “a lot longer than six weeks,” we need to talk.

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Top Secret: What you don’t know about your Customer Experience could be killing your company

If you’re busy running your business, caught up in day-to-day survival, you just can’t carve out time to audit the Experience your customers are having, learn the best strategies to boost sales and referrals for your business, and design a plan for future growth. Our clients are often relieved to define the Customer Experience that will hook more buyers and take concrete steps to Deliver Delight! and increase their sales.

“I thought that might be it.”

“I had no idea how much it was hurting us.”

These are the two most common reactions of our small business clients when we deliver their finished report to them.

But there is a third reaction. Maybe it’s yours…

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Take aim again

Connecting with your Ideal Customer when you totally missed the first time

Remember the Vision that got you into business—the passion you had when you were just a startup? You’ve got a great product or service and you know that when the right market finds you, they’re going to become loyal customers and raving fans, and your business is going to take off.

You treat everybody who walks in the door like royalty, because this might be The One who helps you soar.

But not enough people walked in the door. What’s going on here?

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Worried that only the big companies

can afford strategy and design that powers growth? Now you can, too—and you need to, to survive.

At VisionPoints we focus exclusively on Experience Design for small- to medium-sized businesses just like yours. Our Experience Audits, Pinpoint Reports, and complete Solutions are designed with your tight time frame and special concerns in mind. This is one company where you’ll find you’re our top priority because small business is our focus. We’re more than just the expert consultants in your corner—in fact, we like to say we’re obsessed with your success.

Best of all, you’ll find our packaged Solutions—and extras like naming, logo design, and tagline creation—can make the most valuable investment in growing your business even more affordable!

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Who are we?

VisionPoints, The Experience Designers wants you to make more money in your online and offline sales. We specialize in Experience audits and website user testing, strategic positioning, content, and design solutions for small business.

Think a buzz-worthy Customer Experience is something only the biggest companies can work on? We believe small businesses like yours can give customers an incredible Experience that most big companies can’t hope to match.

We’re ready to help you attract more and better customers—and we want them to catch on and spread the word about you. It might sound corny, but we’re obsessed with your success. Contact us today to get started, or

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Customer Testimonials

Kelly is amazing... I got more than I bargained for!

Not only did she provide specific, in-depth comments, she also brought in testers to get their impression of how a typical website visitor might interact with my site. The result was pages (literally!) of information about what my website was doing right, and most importantly what it was doing wrong....

I was able to identify what I needed to change to make a better impression on my potential clients and ultimately attract more business.

I look forward to working with you again!

—Graham Strong

Quick note:

... you are SO undercharging. Ridiculous. I was aware of a third of this. I had my own doubts about the other third, you confirmed it. But still, two-thirds surprised me. This is very cool. It's tough to surprise me.... This is... AWESOME. You are so undercharg-... oh, wait, I said that.

—James Chartrand, Men With Pens

Ok. So, as you can imagine, I was pretty blown away with the suggested sitemaps. Really powerful stuff.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the comments on the product portfolio and even suggestions on new products! That definitely wasn't in the scope for the project agreed, but your suggestions are so valuable and fantastic and good and delicious.... I'm so blown away by your resourcefulness and insightfulness.

—Andy Hayes, Sharing Travel Experiences and Travel Online Partners